Civil/Structural Engineering

Mandriva Builders committed to provide the  most reliable and cost efficient services in civil / structural works. We are composed of highly  skilled and experienced engineers and technical  staff who have managed mission critical projects  in the Philippines and other countries. The mainstream projects that we can handle are High rise  buildings, cement terminal plant, aircraft Hangar,  Jetty Port, fuel farm structures, design of cement  silos, gas pipelines.





  • Structural Engineering Design/Drafting (Both Steel and Concrete)
  • Structural Audit/Investigation/Retrofitting
  • Forensic Engineering/Structural integrity checking
  • Carbon Fiber Retrofitting
  • Value Engineering
  • Detailing (fabrication, shop and erection drawings)
  • Generation of as built drawings/ existing rebar determination
  • Material testing (destructive, non-destructive and Partial destructive test)such as cover meter survey, coring, carbonation, rebound hammer etc.
  • Renovation/Building upgrading
  • Consultancy/Feasibility study