Structural Assessment and Retrofitting

Mandriva Builders Inc., specialized in the structural condition assessment, investigation,  over meter survey or existing bar determination, retrofitting, restoration or rehabilitation seismic upgrade of concrete and steel buildings and its structural components such as commercial buildings, industrial plants, roads, bridges, refineries, mining facilities, airport hangar and runways, silo, piers, jetties, reservoir, dams, power plants, condominiums, high
rise buildings, heavy and light machinery foundations in accordance with the latest provision of the National Structural Code of the Philippines and employing the state of the art technology software and products such as chemical grouts, concrete epoxy, metal jacket and carbon fiber reinforced polymer and etc.

Mandriva offers carbon fiber sheet system, steel jacketing, anchoring and section enlargement for structures requiring strengthening, reinforcement or additional stiffness and increase in tensile and compressive strength of structural elements.